Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sweet Summer Memories

This past week looking out the studio windows there was an insane amount of ice and snow.  Blinding and cold.  Summer was far from thought.  Well, until a client was kind enough to send me a printed piece from images I shot back in August.

My team and I spent 4 days documenting owners of Bennington Boats for use in their 2011 brochure.  Bennington makes a high end edition of what's best known as a pontoon boat.  These vessels are far from your typical pontoon boat, they are just the opposite. Bennington uses the finest aquatic materials and technology to build a pleasure boat like no other. These boats are fast and comfortable. An industry leader. 

As I looked through the brochure, thoughts of winter quickly subsided and the warmth of the summer sun and summer wind filled my head and heart.  Memories of long days riding around Lake Norman on floating party decks took over and all of a sudden I heard in the distance Jimmy Buffett and a blender.  Thank goodness for this short reprieve from my least favorite season.

Take a look at a few images from the series and take a journey with me back to summer and back to the warmth of a days past.  Let's all go to a place where the only ice is the ice in frozen concoctions.  Enjoy and stay warm!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow. Round 2.

As Carolinians, we are just not used to all of this snow.  I'm not sure if the powers that be got the e-mail, but we like a little snow once every other year and we like for it to come and then go.  And go quickly.

Obviously our request hasn't been accepted.  Here we are in the midst of our second snow storm in a matter of weeks.  Roads are icy, grocery stores are packed, kids are restless, and I'm indoors, just eating.  How in the world will I ever get out of the holiday mode of snacking and then snacking some more if I can't get out of the house?

I need to mountain bike.  I need to go for a long walk with the dag.  I need to swim. All this in good time I guess.  So for now, I'll work and be happy with the slightly pudgier Mike.  Speaking of work, thankfully I work from home.  My commute takes me all of 10 steps downstairs to my office.  The light is gorgeous, the furnace is one wall away (=  warmth), and my kids have decided to take naps.  Perfect time to BLOG and catch up on my to-do lists.

Item 1.  Write thank you cards.
Item 2.  Find a location scout in NYC.
Item 3.  Post images from last snow.
Item 4.  Call my mom and wish her a Happy Birthday, one day late.

The list goes on.  Let's take care of item 3 right now.  Hope you enjoy.