Thursday, June 2, 2011


The British Virgin Islands. If you've been there, I really don't need to say much more. Just recently I had the incredible pleasure of enjoying much of its beauty while circumnavigating the island of Tortola on a 43 foot catamaran.

For a very long time now I've had a dream of piloting a sailboat around the islands. Any islands would have been fine, but now that I've seen them, the BVI takes the cake. Well, my dream came true last week. Alongside my father-in-law, mother-in-law, sister-in-law and my wife and our oldest daughter, a voyage was launched.

Let me describe the mood. The weather was perfect. Wind blowing about 15 knots, easy seas, and a light overcast. The provisions were managed, the beer was cold, and Buffett was playing over the speakers. Our lines were cast at about 10:30 AM and we were off. With my father-in-law at the helm, The Batida was underway and within minutes under sail power. Our trip had begun.

For six days we had incredible sailing, swimming, snorkeling, and good times as a family. We experienced new culture, great locations, gorgeous reefs, perfectly clear water, and wonderful food. It was a trip of a lifetime. A dream come true like no other.

Normally this might be where I leave you and say thanks for reading but there's one more personal note to add. The water is where I feel closest to my father, a man that spent over half his life in the Coast Guard and on the world's seas. He died when I was 16. Though we did spend some time together on the water, I never had the chance to sail with him. It's something I regret.

So as I took the pilot's wheel the end of our last day, I thought of one thing, my father. I steered The Batida home the last few miles and I heard his voice. I listened carefully as he directed me to the docks. Our trip had been a successful one and the last few miles were an incredible gift.

Until next time Captain Carroll, if the course is hard, still steer.

And now I'll say thanks for reading. Have a great voyage.