Thursday, September 3, 2009

Please Stand In

I remember fondly the days when I was assisting. The photographer would always, ALWAYS, ask me to stand in. It was just part of the job. I guess I didn't mind it too much. It's one of the reasons I have such a great record of the couple of years that I assisted. My favorite memory and image from those days documents my incredibly changing display of facial hair. In this case, in the form of a mustache. What can I say, Magnum PI was popular back in those days.

Enough about that and don't even ask because those images are safely put away in a bank vault far away.

The tables have turned and now I'm the guy asking the assistants to please stand in. Usually they are receptive and even happy about it. Today's lucky stand in was Lucas Rosin. Great guy and I have to say, photographs nicely.

Thanks Lucas for taking one for the team. Or should I say, thanks for letting me take one of the team.