Thursday, June 18, 2009

You can call me Moose.

My first question to the wide receiver for the Carolina Panthers was, “So, is it okay to call you Moose?” His response, “Sure, my friends call me Moose.”

I have photographed many celebrities and star athletes in my long and lustrous career, but meeting and photographing Muhsin Muhammad was pretty special.

Along with other good deeds, Moose gives his name and energy to an event that benefits his foundation M2 for Kids. What an incredible guy. I think what separates us all as humans is our capacity to give.

The shoot went incredibly well. Moose and his co-star, William Snellgrove, were great sports. As you can see, authentic dodgeball attire was instrumental in pulling this all together. With no complaints at all, Moose and William donned the shorts, goofy socks, tanks, and sweat bands. Very funny!

Have a look at a few outtakes, the team at Little Red Bird, and one of the finished posters. Please go to M2 for Kids and give. Better yet, come try your luck at the 1st Annual Dodgeball Tournament in February. (Previously scheduled for Sunday, June 21.)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Sharan told me that her father was the reason her name was spelled with two a's. She told me that her father did it so she would learn to stand up for herself and not take crap from anyone. As a father, I think that's a pretty good idea. We,as fathers, want our daughters to be strong. Tough even. We want them to succeed and be beautiful people.I met Sharan at The Light Factory Shoot Out. We were both volunteering. At first sight I thought to myself, I have to photograph this girl. She's different. Just the way she carried herself caught my eye. SO, thankfully she accepted my offer and here are some of the images.

I shot nearly 300 exposures. It was tough to narrow it down and select these but I did it with much thought. Also, I rarely release images straight out of the camera, but these have not yet been touched. I think I like them this way. Just Sharan. No retouching.

Thanks Sharan. Brilliant job.

-- Mike