Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Farmers

Well, I've been talking about this shoot for over a week now. It's about time I post a few outtakes. These have been altered a bit by the art director, Chris Just. Chris and I met when he was working with The Buntin Group in Nashville, TN. He's now at Erwin Penland in Greenville. We're still working together and I'm loving it. (think he's loving it too)

This trip took us almost 3000 miles. Out to Eastern North Carolina and then back to Boone, NC. Over to Tennessee and down to Georgia. We finished down deep in South Carolina and then back to Tryon, North Carolina. Incredible. Great farmers and great photos. Can't wait to see the final posters hanging in BiLo.

Thanks for following.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

2700 Miles

Today I asked Mike how many total miles he has traveled for the farmer shoot. 2700 miles. I told him he could be in San Francisco by now. I suppose that slow and steady is the best way to travel from farm to farm, sleepy town to sleepy town. Mike wraps up today with his last farm shoot and will have plenty of images and stories to blog in the next few days. For now, here's two from yesterday's journey.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Update From the Road

While Mike is out shooting, I (Rosemary) have the pleasure of updating the blog with his latest images and shenanigans. Mike's on a multi-day shoot capturing farmers and their produce. The gig is taking him to NC, TN, GA, and SC (I think in that order, but it's tough to keep up). This project tickles his fancy and mine too. It's refreshing to remember that some of our food does in fact come from our own state or just a state away, rather than always being flown in from another country or even continent.

Mike will give a full report or two once he returns. For now, I'll share the quick mid-trip recap he gave me today: "Hundreds of miles. Good food. Good music. Bad weather, but the locals don't seem to mind it. Think my accent is getting twangy."

Seems pretty accurate. Except the accent. Mike is, afterall, from Rock Hill so his accent probably isn't getting any twangier.

On to the images. Here's a few of my favorites that Mike sent today.