Thursday, August 6, 2009

From the Art Director's eyes.

To keep the theme going I thought I’d post another series of images from backstage. A VIP view into the world of a location shoot and best of all, it's from the perspective of the Art Director.
A ton of work went into planning this long week of photography at 7 different locations. It all started from the first call. Tim Bogert of Bolt Creative, a friend of nearly 15 years, called with a request for a quote. One of his clients was ready to push a series of products into the world of retail. It meant new packaging and point of sale for over 25 products. Thankfully he thought of us.

After working through product scenarios, uses, target consumers, schedules, and locations that really made sense, we were ready to go. After a month of planning, we set out for one week of shooting. Collectively, we all agreed that being REAL was the way to go. Only on a few shots did we choose to bring in hired talent. The rest of the shoot, we cast the real guy that uses these tools. Man, did it really work out well.

From a fiberglass-filled boat shop to a spotless race shop and an ant-infested farm to a dusty auto body shop (to name a few), we moved with great precision. Thanks again to Rosemary, everything was timed and the shoot moved like clockwork. And at the end of the week, we all felt two things, exhaustion and an incredible sense of accomplishment.

Check out some of the images captured by Tim. Thanks, pal, for the great coverage and the incredible project.