Friday, March 28, 2008

A Dream Project

Every week I have the great pleasure to shoot and to continue making a living in this very difficult business of photography. Last week marked the conclusion of one of my favorite shoots thus far. In the past decade I have shot hundreds of thousands of photographs. A good friend and great client of mine called me with a project…a dream project. Shoot every employee at Muzak for an upcoming trade show. My first reaction was WHAT?! Every employee?

It turned out to be only a third of the employees. Still, what an awesome project. Each employee was supposed to show 4 different emotions: Elation, Angst, Desire, and Pride. Two days of shooting for 8 hours a day at Muzak headquarters and we did it. Then last week we completed three days of shooting folks at GlobalShop in Chicago. It went incredibly well.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

David Toms in Lousiana

Somebody once told me, “Never trust a guy with two first names.” Headed to Louisiana to photograph David Toms, I remembered that advice. Well, it didn't hold true in this instance; David Toms was awesome. The weather, however, was not. My team and I shot in seriously cold weather and the wind was wiping at about 20 MPH most of the day to boot. In the end, it all went well. David was a trooper and the team held it together. Thanks Scott, Rosemary, and Jade.