Thursday, January 29, 2009

The King And Queen visit MCP

The joke goes like this: two really funny guys (and clients to boot) call and want to be photographed in costume. My interest is brewing and then they say...One in an Elvis suit and one as the Queen of England...HOW COULD I SAY NO? For Cotton And Crown's Annual Christmas Card they came up with a fantastic idea to play Elvis and The Queen. It got a bit rowdy, but in the end we had a ton of fun and produced some really killer images. Thanks guys. AND, especially thanks for making my neighbors wonder even more.

Here's the final result:

Thursday, January 22, 2009

My Macro World

This past weekend I decided to pull out a lens that I haven't used in ages. Really one of my favorite lenses and a gift from a great friend...a Nikon 60 mm MACRO one to one. Awesome glass. It was a gorgeous day and the kids were sleeping soundly so I had plenty of time to just shoot. It's amazing what you just don't see with the naked eye. Hope you enjoy my backyard as much as I do.

Saturday, January 10, 2009


There are times that I shoot for the book or for clients or for friends. And then there are times that I just shoot for myself. It's been my history that I keep some images just for me. This might typically be one of those times. But for whatever reason I feel like posting them and sharing.

Some of the best images happen right under my own roof. Life. Love. Family. Thanks Lauren, my beautiful wife and partner.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Found Images

Do you know that feeling when you find a 20 in an ole pair of jeans? It's kind of wrinkled up and folded. Kind of soft. It's found money. In this case, that 20 is a few images from a family trip over a year ago. Lauren and I took Lucy, and a really cool rented motor home, to the mountains to a wedding party. What fun. Lucy was 1. Now Lucy is 2 and a half and is sitting in my office coloring and talking and talking and talking and talking. It's what a 2 and a half year old does. Got to love it...and I do. We're off to the park for the SUPER SLIDE. Not a bad way to end a Monday.