Monday, September 8, 2008

Benji Hughes Love Extreme

There are those jobs and shoots that really stand out and this is one of them. Benji, Jason Barkley, and I worked hard to get that perfect image. Just the one that says, "Benji". I think we did it and now it's out there circling the world. Benji, thanks for the opportunity. I enjoyed it. Hey, put me on the list next time you play.

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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

6 Days in Mexico

There are times that this job really takes me to wonderful places.  I have the opportunity to see such incredible places and meet some of the most interesting people you can imagine.  Some trips even afford me the chance to hang out in these incredible places with my lovely wife Lauren.  One such trip in August took us WAY South to Tulum, Mexico.  I spent a little time working on an upcoming shoot and a lot of time exploring.  These are some of the people we met and some of the places we visited.  I can't wait to do a final edit and post a few more.  Enjoy.