Friday, May 23, 2008

Mike Takes on the Charlotte Roller Girls

Now that we have your attention.....

Howdy folks! Mike made the mistake of allowing me (Rosemary) a chance to write for the blog. Probably not a mistake that he'll repeat again. As Mike's producer, I am fortunate enough to remain happily off camera most of the time. But when my roller derby team needed some photos for collateral and web, who else would I turn to? Mike has now done two photo sessions with the girls and hopefully there will be more sessions as the team continues to grow. Most photographers (and men in general) wouldn't know what to do in the presence of 30 tough roller derby women. Mike can hold his own. Believe me. He's seen us on the track and knows to watch his back.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Just the other day a client/friend asked me a tough question. Who do you admire? In the world of photography, who do you really like? The only reason this is so tough is because there are several. One stands out though, Rodney Smith.
Rodney spoke at a local APA meeting in my studio last year. I was reminded of his visit by the "Who do you admire question". Rodney's work is easy to admire. His production skill and his vision is without a doubt unique.
So, Rodney, consider yourself admired.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

I've been pretty lame about posting lately.  Tonight it's time to post and pledge to posting more.  It's always been my philosophy in this BLOG to show some of the process and behind the scenes imagery leaving out some of the personal reflection.  For this post I'd like to break that trend and give thanks.  Thanks to my incredible crew, Rosemary and Scott, for working so hard on this site.  I'm proud of the work and proud of their devotion to get it done.  Thanks ya'll. 

Thanks for taking a moment to look at the site and thanks for checking out the BLOG.  We'll be in touch more soon.